We're pleased to become YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles' exclusive filming partner!

09/27/2017 Los Angeles | Skyline Locations is happy to announce its exclusive partnership for filming at all YMCA locations in the metropolitan Los Angeles area. Stay tuned for additional details!...

Furnished and Unfurnished Office Spaces Now Available at Howard Hughes Center

12/05/2016 Culver City, CA | A variety of office spaces are now available in the 5-building office park "Howard Hughes Center" in Culver City. Some currently-available spaces have cubicles for easy filming!...

Skyline Locations partners with Dane Film to bring you NYC filming locations

04/29/2016 New York, NY | Skyline Locations is now partnered with Dane Film, a New York real estate firm, to bring our popular locations service to NYC film productions. Stay tuned for exciting news!...

Film Mare Island is open for business!

04/28/2016 Vallejo, California | The former naval base at Mare Island is now available for filming. Huge studio spaces paired with unique practical locations make this large island in San Francisco Bay an idea location for film prod...


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