Gyms and pools available for weekend filming

06/01/2022 Los Angeles | We have many gyms and pools available for filming on weekends around the LA area. Let us know what you're looking for and we'll send you some options. ...

L1N3 Film Studios Now Available

07/07/2020 Los Angeles | Los Angeles' newest sound stage is now available for daily or long-term rentals. For current information call (213) 507-4740 or e-mail:

Contact Skyline Locations for current information on offered locations

07/07/2020 Los Angeles | Most of our film locations are available (with stipulations). We're happy to keep you informed on the latest news about availability. Simply call (213) 507-4740 or e-mail: jsharpe@skylinelocation...

Skyline Locations partners with Cross Campus

02/28/2019 Southern California | The popular shared workspaces of the Cross Campus community are now available for (weekend) filming through Skyline Locations. Please contact us for exciting details. ...

High-End Restaurant Space Available for Filming

10/05/2018 Los Angeles | A stylish restaurant space at City National Plaza is now vacant and ready for filming. Bar, commercial kitchen and patio area are included, all with tasteful furnishings on site. ...


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