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Stephan D. Smith

Executive - Business Development

Mr. Smith initially formed Smith & Hricik Development Company in 1985 with partner Lawrence Hricik and entered into a partnership with Hillman Properties to develop a 21 story office building in Glendale, CA. Several years later the firm became Smith, Hricik and Munselle, now known as SHM Partners.

In another partnership with Hillman, Mr. Smith was responsible for Los Angeles Center, one of the largest development sites in downtown Los Angeles (on Unocal's former headquarters property) encompassing over 5 million square feet of mixed use development. The lingering softness in the downtown market led Mr. Smith and his partners to the concept to build and operate Los Angeles Center Studios, the first studio in the downtown area and, in fact, the first new studio in the City of Los Angeles in over 50 years. Since opening in September, 1999 the Studios have hosted over 500 feature films, television shows, commercials, music videos and major special events.

Six years ago SHM Partners formed Film Studio Group (FSG) to provide consulting and development expertise on proposed as well as existing film production facilities from site acquisition, feasibility and financing assistance, through programming and construction phases and into operations, marketing and provision of equipment and services. FSG’s past and current projects include existing and to-be-built studios across the U.S., in five of the Provinces in Canada and two locations in Mexico. In addition, FSG has been/is involved in projects in the U.K. (London area); Alicante, Spain; Prague, Czech Republic; Cape Town, South Africa, Melbourne, Australia, Auckland, New Zealand and Puerto Rico.

In addition to FSG activities, Mr. Smith is currently heading up SHM’s efforts to build a film studio and visitor center as well as SHM’s joint venture with Morgan Stanley to develop a 100 acre business park both in the Kapolei area of Oahu, Hawaii.

SHM also created Skyline Locations, one of the largest and most diversified location companies in Los Angeles representing an ever growing number of high profile commercial, hotel and recreational properties to film, television, commercial and video producers as well as B2B-TV, providing businesses in multi-tenant commercial buildings with cost-effective, easy access to high quality HD television programming. In a unique arrangement, this programming is provided exclusively through DirecTV, and is marketed under both the DirecTV and B2B-TV trademarks.

Mr. Smith has a B.A. in Economics from Yale University and a M.B.A. in Finance from Wharton Business School. He is past Chairman of the Central City Association and still an active member of the Executive Committee. He is also involved in a number of other business and charitable organizations in Los Angeles.


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