Who Are We and What Do We Do?

Skyline Locations provides valuable services to the film industry, exploiting many years of directly applicable professional experience in both physical production as well as development and management of real estate projects nationwide.

Through our years of experience in both physical production and real property development and management, we've had many opportunities to utilize and even work along-side many location services. Subsequently, we've been able to analyze these companies from unbiased production and real estate perspectives which revealed much room for improvement

We strongly believe that a location service has a fiduciary responsibility to property owners to actively pursue each production opportunity. We also believe that each production deserves the prompt individual attention required to deliver the exact location that the creative production team is ultimately seeking within the timeframe that it is required. We found, however, that one or both of these concepts were regularly neglected, which amounts to a monumental disservice to all parties.

This blatant gap in service is exactly why we decided to launch Skyline Locations. Utilizing our combined knowledge and extensive experience, we're dedicated to providing our Clients, and our Customers, with the very highest quality of dedicated service.

Our primary function is as an agency representing the owners of properties that are available as film location; but in this capacity and with equal importance, we also have a working relationship with the location professionals that procure locations for the studios and production companies that license these locations. We are real estate brokerage service licensed through the California Dept. of Real Estate and as such, we have an obligation and duty to both our Clients and our Customers by working diligently on their behalf in this dual agency relationship.

We are dedicated to providing a level of service that will exceed the expectations of both our Clients and Customers. We intend to set a new standard that will surpass the level of service previously offered by and even expected from other location services.


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